Black sandy beaches and amazing waves Monterrico (Guatemala) was the last spot we visited during our Central America trip. It’s an amazing place if you just want to relax for a few days – which we wanted after our volcano hike in Antigua. The first thing we absolutely loved here was that Monterrico has black … More Monterrico

Lake Atitlán

Lake Atitlán: a massive shout out to the hostel La Iguana Perdida When we finished relaxing at the amazing Zephyr Lodge in Lanquin (read about it here), we decided to go to Lake Atitlán. Lake Atitlán is a lake in the Guatemalan Highlands (1500 metres) so be prepared for lower temperatures (around 19 Celsius degrees). … More Lake Atitlán

Utila Island

Diver’s Paradise. Utila is the most western Bay island in the Caribbean belonging to Honduras. It has one village and around 6.000 inhabitants. When we were in D&D Brewery (nearby lake Yojoa, Honduras, read about it here) other travellers told us that we’d probably be longer at Utila as planned. And they were right! Once … More Utila Island

Lake Yojoa

Little paradise in the middle of Honduras Lake Yojoa and the area around the lake should definitely be on your to do list if you’re planning to travel Honduras. Lake Yojoa was our second stop in Honduras (after Tegucigalpa) and we stayed in the most amazing place: D&D Brewery This was for sure one of … More Lake Yojoa


The capital of Honduras. In 2016 I spent my summer with my dear friend Nina in Honduras and Guatemala. Our trip started in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. A lot of people told us that Tegucigalpa is a dangerous place to be, and I can’t deny that. Still it’s a fine place to arrive by … More Tegucigalpa

Tikal – Flores

The biggest Mayan city in Central America. An absolutely must in Guatemala is the national park Tikal, which you’ll find in the North of Guatemala in the area El Petén. Tikal is the biggest Mayan city in Central America and it’s breathtaking. Tikal is 576 square meter and the inhabitants lived there between 400 BC and 1000 … More Tikal – Flores