Cycling around in a beautiful city

Quite spontaneously I booked a last minute ticket to Hamburg with one my best friends for two nights and one full day in hope to inspire you a little bit if you’ll ever plan to go this city. In this article I’ll tell you how we spent our time during this short trip in this beautiful city. We stayed in Generator Hostel (around 20 euros per night) which is a perfect place to go to, especially when you have little time, because it’s literally next to the bus and train station. The beds are really good (we slept like babies) and above all: the common area is so much fun! You can decide if you want to hang out in the bar area, while listening to some music, playing some ping-pong or play cards. Or you decide to do some relaxing in the lounge.

The first day we arrived around 9 pm so the first thing we decided to do was eat some food! We went to the street called Lange Reihe, which is only a five minute walk away from the hostel, where you have a lot of nice bars and restaurants. We chose a good Italian place where we enjoyed some wine and pizza. We ended our night just chilling in the bar area of the hostel whilst playing card and drinking big glasses of wine.

The next morning we started our day with a typical German breakfast in a German Bakery (Bäckerei): bread with scrambled eggs (yum!). Because we only had one full day in Hamburg we decided to rent some bikes so we could see as much as possible. The hostel offers you to rent some bikes there (for 12 euros) so we did that and we started our bike tour. You can just cycle around and see where it gets you or you can decide to do one of the two tours shown on the map you can find at the reception of Generator Hostel. We started our day with a tour on the map which brought us to the famous Speicherstadt: a lot of beautiful warehouses built between 1883 and 1927. After that we checked out the harbor and went to Elbphilharmonie where you can go in for free and have an amazing 360 degrees view all over the city.

We continued our tour to the Planten und Blomen park which is massive and beautiful! In winter there’s a big icerink where you can do some ice skating and there is a beautiful botanic garden which you can enter for free. In summer it must be even more beautiful and the perfect place to end your summer days with some friends. The favorite area we visited during our time in Hamburg was Sternschanze which has an eastern Berlin vibe with a lot of street art, pop up stores and nice little cafes and restaurants. A perfect place to grab some coffee or have a nice lunch in combination with some shopping in the cute little shops.

We ended our day checking out the Reeperbahn (the red light district of Hamburg and the street where you can go out at night), the Rathaus (town hall) and the St. Nikolai Church. There are many more sightseeing spots to check out in Hamburg, but because of the time we picked the ones we were most interest in.

At night we went back to the same street where we had food the night before. This night we went to Otto’s Burger and this is absolutely a big recommendation! We had one of the best burgers ever (a vegetarian portobello burger and a truffle burger) with sweet potato fries, truffle mayonnaise and parmesan mayonnaise = the best life ever! We ended our night in the hostel again. The hostel offers a pubcrawl a few times per week so that’s a good option if you want to meet some new people and check out some bars. The next morning after having another really yummy breakfast at a bakery we ended our trip in Hamburg and went back home. Hamburg turned out to be a very fun surprise. I didn’t know much about this city but it is definitely a place which should be on your list to visit one day! I know for sure I’m definitely coming back soon, because there is so much to see and to do!

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