Black sandy beaches and amazing waves

Monterrico (Guatemala) was the last spot we visited during our Central America trip. It’s an amazing place if you just want to relax for a few days – which we wanted after our volcano hike in Antigua. The first thing we absolutely loved here was that Monterrico has black beaches, because its sand comes from the volcanoes! Besides that you will notice that the ocean is way more rough than when you are in the Caribbean because here you’ll be at the west coast of Central America.

We stayed in a cute little hotel called Hotel Delfin (Calle de los Hoteles), which was a hotel on the beachside in the middle of Monterrico! It’s very affordable and the food is nice (go for the fruit salad in the morning), so I would really recommend to go to this one. The hotel also has a really nice pool where you can relax all day while drinking a cold beer if you’d like! In monterrico there’s not much to do, it’s a very little town. The one thing you can do is buy beautiful and cheap handcrafted souvenirs from the local people. But the main thing you will do here is just relax on the beach. We had a lot of fun in the big waves!

Turtle spotting
The hotel also offers a couple excursions. The first one is turtle spotting on the beach during night time! A lot of turtles come to Monterrico’s beach to lay there eggs. Unfortunately we didn’t spot one, but still it was a nice experience walking on the beach at night time. The seconde one is an excursion to the mangrove swamp where you will go very early in the morning and spot wildlife in a little boat. We decided not to do this because unfortunately I had an intense food poisoning (something you probably will experience too during your Central or South America adventures).


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