My very first trip alone was to the beautiful city Málaga in Southern Spain. This trip was at the end of my internship last February. The weather was cold and wet in Netherlands (the place which I call home), so the 300 days of sunny days in Malaga convinced me to go immediately! And how I loved this trip. Málaga surprised me in so many good ways. I stayed in the hostel ‘Lights Out’ which was great because all the highlights were on walking distance. And above all the hostel had a great vibe with an amazing roof terrace where you drink free sangria every night and have cheap dinners and drinks all together. When I was in this hostel there were a lot of other solo travellers which gave a really nice and open vibe in meeting other people. And another plus: the hostel is next to a beautiful indoor food market which is definetely worth going to, besides all the amazing foods, because of the big and amazing stained glass windows.

View from the hostel’s roof terrace

Málaga is truely a city who has it all. If you are up for shopping, Málaga has a great centre with lot’s of shops where you can buy cheap clothes. If you love to check out some museums there are plenty of them too. I went to the museum ‘Carmen Thyssen’ after a tip of a roomie in my hostel dorm and for me that museum was the most amazing experience, because it was my first time I fell in love with a painting. I was overwhelmed by a lot of other paintings too, I just couldn’t leave the place!

City centre of Málaga

Another museum I went to was of course the Picasso Museum. I say of course because Málaga was Picasso’s hometown. Unfortunately the time I visited Málaga they were renovating this museum, so I couldn’t see much of the museum. I’m also not a big fan of Picasso’s work, but I still liked to learn more about him and the time he lived in.

Tip: If you’re a student bring your student card because lot’s of museums has student discounts 🙂

View from the fortress

If you like food as much as I do (#eatallthefood) then Málaga is the place for you! The first thing you have to eat is of course: tapas! There will be a lot of restaurants offering you the deal that you get a free tapa with every drink. I loved the way of enjoying some food together like that because you spent a lot of time chatting, drinking and eating together in the warm evenings of beautiful Spain. Don’t forget to drink some Sangria with it too.

Another specialty in Spain are the Churros. If you want to do it completely right, order some hot chocolate with your churros. You can dip your churros in you’re hot chocolate and if you like sweets, you’ll be in for a treat!

Besides shopping and visit some museums I would really recommend to just go for a walk! The city is not too big so everything’s very walkable. There’s a great fortress which you can visit and where you’ll have an amazing view all over Málaga. I also liked the SoHo district because of all the beautiful street art. If you like having a drink at night or you want to go dancing, there are many places you can go! Málaga has a lot of students so there’s a great nightlife which you can enjoy.

SOHO District

And last but not least: Málaga has a beach where can you relax and have a swim in the ocean! So don’t forget your sunscreen if you’re heading to this many-sided beautiful Spanish city.

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  1. I Really like this one and thinking about visiting Malaga soon, so the tips in this article so so helpful.


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