Lake Yojoa

Little paradise in the middle of Honduras

Area at lake Yojoa
Beautiful views nearby lake Yojoa

Lake Yojoa and the area around the lake should definitely be on your to do list if you’re planning to travel Honduras. Lake Yojoa was our second stop in Honduras (after Tegucigalpa) and we stayed in the most amazing place: D&D Brewery This was for sure one of the most amazing hostels we stayed in during our trip in Central America. D&D Brewery is a beautiful lodge, brewery (!) and restaurant in the middle of the nature and very close to the lake Yojoa. The lake is the largest lake in Honduras and is surrounded by multiple mountains. In the area around the lake you’ll find a lot of plantations where they grow coffee, pineapples and citrus fruits with makes the area extra scenic. Don’t forget to buy some fresh pineapple at a little shop across the street, they even cut it for you and I promise you: this will be the freshest and sweetest pineapple you ever had.

When you’re at D&D, you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the jungle but then with some luxury. Add up some  really amazing food in the restaurant (all day long), home made beers (try the beer tasting!) and a really cold swimming pool if you’d like to cool down after a warm day at the lake and you have a perfect day in paradise. And a big plus: everything is so cheap! You pay small amounts of money for the rooms (the beds are so comfy), the food and the beer so you easily can stay and relax there for a couple of days.  And every night you can chill at the campfire and chat with some newly made friends: a perfect way to end your active days.

Waterfall Pulhapanzak
There’s a lot to do in the area around the lakes. You can book all kinds of excursions at D&D. The first excursion we did was the excursion to the waterfall Pulhapanzak, located just 15 km from D&D. If you want you can go ziplining there, but we chose to do another activity: the one where you will climb behind the waterfall. I would really recommend this one because it was so much fun and it will give you so much energy because of all the adrenalin pumping through your body. After that you don’t mind jumping of high cliffs nearby the waterfall because you feel like you’re on top of the world!

It’s already a beautiful walk through the jungle to get to the lake. But another fun thing to do is to go kayaking! You can ask the staff at D&D if you want to do this and they will arrange it for you, they will even take you to the kayaks by car. You’ll start your kayaking trip in a beautiful little river which will lead you to the lake. The nature around the river and lake are absolutely breathtaking and the water is so warm so make sure to jump in the water! You’ll spot some beautiful birds around the lake too. You can find over 400 bird species here! If you want D&D brewery offers a bird spotting tour with a guide.

The freshest Tilapia you can imagine
And then last but not least: the food! We went to a restaurant directly on the lake and had fresh deep fried tilapia caught on the Yojoa lake, how local can you have it! Combined with some pickled cabbage and plantains we enjoyed a very yummy and Honduran meal. Besides that, most food we had in D&D because they have a great and cheap menu and the best coffee.

You can also walk into the little village Los Naranjos closeby and grab some food there. If you don’t want to walk back, just let you take back to D&D by a tuktuk for a couple of lempira. We had some fresh fruit from one of the many fruit stalls and the best baleadas at one of the cafes: make sure to try them somewhere in Central America. Baleadas are wraps filled with baked black bean spread, white cheese and anything you’d like extra (avocado, egg, chicken). Another tip if you’re a coffee lover like I am: the locals drink their coffee with a lot of sugar normally and if you order a black coffee most of the time it’s filled with a lot of sugar. If you truly want a black coffee ask for a coffee without sugar explicitly (Un café sin azúcar, por favor).


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