The capital of Honduras.

In 2016 I spent my summer with my dear friend Nina in Honduras and Guatemala. Our trip started in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras. A lot of people told us that Tegucigalpa is a dangerous place to be, and I can’t deny that. Still it’s a fine place to arrive by plane and recover because of a jetlag for a day or two. We stayed in Palmira hostel which was a hostel in a safe area of Tegucigalpa. The hostel itself felt very safe too, because there was a big wall around the hostel and there was always someone at the reception. We paid around 8 euros / 9 dollar for a bed in a dorm with 16 beds and two bathrooms (be prepared for the cold showers in Central America).

The first day in Tegucigalpa we walked around town. The first thing we noticed was that every car honking their horn at us. Next thing we noticed was that there were almost no tourists and almost no one could understand English. Luckily we met a guy who could speak a bit of English and helped us finding a place to have some lunch. It was impressive to see this city, there’s a lot of poverty there, but also a lot of beautiful places.

A nice highlight to see in the centre of Tegucigalpa is nearby the main street of the city centre. You can find all kinds of PET-bottles filled with coloured glass hanging above the street, which gave amazing differences in light (see picture below). Besides that, we didn’t see that much in the city centre, mainly because we didn’t feel too safe so we headed back to the hostel.

La Tigra National Park
We met a local guy at the hostel, Jorge, who took us to ‘La Tigra’ next day. La Tigra is a national park in the jungle and the mountains of Honduras, nearby Tegucigalpa. You can book the excursion in the hostel as well I think! It’s about one hour away from Tegucigalpa and we enjoyed the Honduran nature, like the coffee plantations and sugar fields, a lot. In the national park you can hike for about an hour through the jungle and mountains where you end your hike at a scenic waterfall. The trip is definitely worth going to!

La Tigra national park

The hike was amazing, and the ride to the place is just as wonderful because of the nature you’ll see. Make sure to get some lunch at a little restaurant across the road. We had amazing pepusas: a dish from El Salvador which are little tortillas were filled with cheese added with some pickled cabbage, onion and peppers. Very yummy!

After lunch Jorge showed his town where he lives (unfortunately I forgot the name). The town is more than 500 years old and had amazing views! We also visited Jorge’s farm which was interesting to see because it gives you a feeling how they do it in Honduras (in comparison with the Netherlands for us ). Of course the piglets caught our eye and we were able to hug some of them. In the evening we went to a nice restaurant in Tegucigalpa where we had typical local food. Our favourite dish was tortilla chips with baked beans (they prepare it in butter and garlic), very yummy. It’s a dish you’ll can find all through Honduras. Don’t forget to try the local beers too, you won’t regret it!

Food Recommendation
Tip: have some breakfast at Galeano in Tegucigalpa, it’s very close to hostel Palmira and they have amazing food, fresh smoothies and  strong coffee and the cafe has a lovely vintage vibe. We enjoyed some whole grain sandwiches with grilled veggies, some deep fried plantains, a coffee and a fresh smoothie.

Amazing breakfast at Galeano

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